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19 December 2022

Media Cymru Series: Rethinking the Possible in R&D and Innovation

Media Cymru is shifting mindsets and moving many dials in the creative industries, with a series of funding rounds, training, research, and opportunities that will revolutionise the CCR media landscape and secure a status of global excellence. But what makes it a world-first?

We asked Media Cymru’s Impact Analyst and Senior Research Fellow, Dr Marlen Komorowski…

With a background that includes teaching at Masters level at the University of Brussels – and completing a PhD in media clusters – what excites Marlen most in her role with Media Cymru?

“As an impact analyst, the most amazing thing for me about Media Cymru is the fact we are effecting a major re-thinking of Research & Development – driving a mindset shift for policy makers, through processes, workflows and experiences that have not traditionally featured in R&D.

R&D in the creative industries is radically different from sectors such as Biotech or Manufacturing – with completely different processes, outcomes and measures.

So, it’s incredibly exciting that UK Research & Innovation has chosen us to pioneer this approach in the creative industries – and an amazing opportunity to build on the great work already started by Clwstwr here in Wales.

Opening eyes and minds to what is possible

As the Senior Research Fellow leading the core research aspect of the Media Cymru programme, my role is all about opening eyes and minds in areas that can measurably unlock the latent potential of the CCR creative industries.

  • One thing is for sure: there are many questions to ask – and answer.
  • How can we best bring the media, creative and cultural industries together?
  • How can we harmonise all the great research already done by Cardiff Met, Cardiff University and the University of South Wales?
  • How can we close the knowledge gaps around areas such as diversity and sustainability in the creative industries?
  • How can we bring together the research excellence and capacity of the region – so policy makers and key stakeholders can make evidence-based decisions?

An impact framework to shape and inspire

Research is the key foundation to finding the right answers to those critical questions – and it’s also core to bringing people together, helping a wide range of organisations and people from diverse backgrounds understand what the common goals are, enabling everyone to pursue a shared agenda, with a real focus.

With that shared purpose in mind, we’re putting in place a new impact framework to help a wide variety of people and enterprises embrace the four common goals of environmental sustainability, inclusion, sector growth and internationalisation. As a German, that last goal is particularly close to my heart, as forging new collaborations and connections is vital if Media Cymru is to become a truly global leader in innovation.

That journey will be deep and wide from a research perspective – with much to evidence, from value network analysis and new business models, to the long-term impact of digitisation and the emergence of new supply chains.

The fact that we are shaping and driving that journey is a thought to inspire!”

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