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Manufacturers and Digital Experts Join Forces to Create New Industry Think Tank


Collaboration network Manufacturing Wales and leading digital agency Box UK have joined forces with Business News Wales to launch a new industry Think Tank, set up to specifically identify and solve some of the digital transformation challenges facing the manufacturing sector.

The event takes place on Tuesday 28th June 9.30am – Click here to register

Unlocking the Knowledge, a wider industry series from Business News Wales, will place some of Wales’ leading manufacturers in a room with digital experts to explore:

  • What Digital Transformation means for the manufacturing sector
  • Identifying areas where digitalisation can be understood and implemented
  • Providing clear road paths that empower management teams to adopt and implement.
  • What the most successful organisations are doing differently when it comes to navigating the complexities of digital transformation.
  • How getting caught up in the detail from pursuing a bottom-up approach to digital transformation where technology leads the way can be a red-herring.
  • The Power of Marginal gains in digitally transforming your organisation.

The event will be hosted by former first minister Carwyn Jones.

CEO of Manufacturing Wales, Heather Myers commented:

Our members are industry leading within their niche, but it is clear there is a deficiency of knowledge when it comes to digital transformation.

In participating in this new knowledge sharing think tank, our members have the opportunity to explore what may or may not work for them without the financial outlay required to start this process.

Manufacturing Wales is built on the premise of collaboration and knowledge sharing and I am looking forward to helping our members accelerate their digital learning journey over the coming months.

Paul Evans, Operations Director of Box UK commented

Digital transformation has sped up for most industries and there’s no hiding from the reality of the digital push brought about by the pandemic. Traditional industries such as Manufacturing have seen a significant increase in competition from new entrants putting pressure on them to reduce costs, improve customer experience and all at the behest of delivering increased profitability.

Equally not every companies’ digital transformation journey is the same. Desired business outcomes need to drive transformation, and whilst large-scale changes can appear overwhelming, impactful digital evolution often results from small incremental changes.

We look forward to sharing our insights and knowledge as part of the collaboration to ensure that Manufacturers in Wales are always taking the next step forward towards digital transformation.

Commenting on the launch Mark Powney, Managing Director of Business News Wales said:

Despite the recognised need for digitalisation, the average manufacturing company in Wales has still yet to fully execute an effective digital transformation plan.

If Wales’ Manufacturers are to stay relevant and competitive within the industry’s fast changing digital landscape, manufacturers need to invest in technology that connects employees, suppliers, dealers and other business partners.

Whilst manufacturers all relate to this requirement many do not have the skillsets within their own team to fully maximise the opportunities digital transformation offers. This is where this think tank series will add obvious value.

It is designed to build confidence within management teams to fully appreciate opportunities and challenges and ultimately empower them to make the right choices on their own digitalisation journey.