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LIMB-art Wins Contract to Supply NHS Wales


Multi award-winning LIMB-Art, which makes ‘the world’s coolest prosthetic leg covers’, has won a contract to supply the whole of NHS Wales with its products.

Every adult amputee in Wales will now have access to a free LIMB-art cover through the country’s prosthetic centres in Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham.

Each cutting edge, Welsh made, leg cover is made from Hi Tech Nylon Composite and various finishes are available including colours, Carbon Fibre or even the Welsh flag. With its simple elegant design, the leg covers give a perfect leg shape under trousers, leggings or long boots as well as offering maximum protection for a person’s prosthetic.

Unlike foam prosthetic leg covers, which were traditionally available on the NHS, LIMB-art’s leg covers can be easily sanitised. They are designed for all users of above knee and below knee prostheses.

The Swansea Artificial Limb and Appliance Centre at Morriston Hospital in South Wales serves an amputee population of 1,300 patients using over 3,000 medical devices or prostheses.

It is a specialist rehabilitation centre that carries out the manufacture, maintenance and repair of artificial limbs and related medical devices to NHS patients, Armed Forces Veterans and child amputees.

Peter McCarthy, Specialist Prosthetist at Swansea Artificial Limb and Appliance Centre, said:

“LIMB-art’s eye-catching covers provide our patients with an enhanced sense of identity that promotes or enables the amputee to feel self-confident and to be themselves rather than trying to disguise the fact they have a limb missing.

“They are cost effective because they are a durable item and they provide protection to the underlying prosthetic structures. They are easy to hygienically keep clean and are easy to replace when required.

“They are also simple to remove and reattach allowing the mechanical technicians to easily service or replace parts on the prostheses thus saving considerable time.

“Traditionally patients would be provided with a realistic bio-sculpted prosthetic foam structure with realistic skins or stocking covers pulled over the top.

“Now we’re delighted to be able to offer patients a LIMB-Art cover and everyone who has been fitted with one has been surprised and elated at the beauty of the designs and been proud to show off their choices in public.”

Mark Williams of LIMB-Art said:

“I’m delighted to be working with NHS Wales’ Artificial Limb and Appliance Centres and to be able to help other amputees to gain their confidence and, like our strapline says, stand out and stand proud.

“We have already supplied over 70 customers across Wales with a LIMB-art cover and the feedback has been brilliant. Our most popular leg covers are our rainbow carbon fibre ultralight covers and ones featuring the Welsh flag.

“Our covers are quick and easy to fit and restore balance to a person’s silhouette. They are often instrumental in raising confidence and self-esteem.”

LIMB-Art was established in 2018 by Mark, a former Paralympic swimmer, to design and manufacture prosthetic leg covers after he lost his own leg in a cycling accident.

He wanted to help other prosthetic users raise their confidence, be proud of what they have and very simply, but equally importantly, have fun showing off whilst doing so.

His covers are a completely customisable accessory, lightweight and easy to fit and they are suitable for all users of above and below knee prostheses.

The covers not only give the wearer a full leg shape and restore balance to their silhouette, they also boost their confidence and allow them to show their personality because the brand offer a whole range of colours and designs.

Mark has won numerous awards over the years including the national Entrepreneurial Spirit Award for 2020 at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. He is also an Armed Forces Covenant supporter.