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Involving Local Communities in Regeneration Projects


Chris Gentle, Divisional Director at Roberts Limbrick, spoke with Business News Wales about how the company involves the local community in the regeneration projects that they undertake in their area.

Established in 2008 by the merging of two practices, Roberts Limbrick is an architectural firm with over 100 employees, that provides services in urban design, consultancy, master planning and more. They believe in creating good environmental designs to improve user experience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

When undertaking regeneration projects, Roberts Limbrick understands the importance of involving local people in the process. Connecting with the community through attending community events, hosting focus groups, and street research means that the community is involved from the project’s start to finish.

As town centres become more pedestrianised and people-centric, the focus has shifted to how these areas can be inclusive and accessible. Consulting with local businesses and the community allows Roberts Limbrick to find what’s important for the local people and how the needs of businesses can be mutual with the needs of people and how they get to and move through town centres.

Sustainability is a huge focus across all sectors and regeneration is now different. Tree planting, ways of recycling rainwater and creating green spaces for people have come to the forefront of regeneration projects.

To find out more about Roberts Limbrick and their portfolio, visit their website Home | Roberts Limbrick

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