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Inspiration, Training and Education: In Response to the Climate Emergency


All emissions that can go to zero must go to zero – as rapidly as possible. Not just from electricity, but also from heat, transport, industry and land-use.

And CAT (the Centre for Alternative Technology) believe that they can help to do just that! Peter Tyldesley, the CEO of CAT chatted to Business News Wales about their various upcoming projects.

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Peter said that CAT are “working extensively with councils and community groups in what we call our Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab to equip them with the tools they need to put political declarations of a climate emergency into solid concrete actions.”

CAT’s vision is a sustainable future for all humanity as part of a thriving natural world. Their mission is to inspire, inform and enable humanity to respond to the climate and biodiversity emergency.

Over the next few years, CAT’s work will focus on providing inspiration, training and education in positive solutions to accelerate the shift to net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

CAT’s ambitious plans include a reimagining and redevelopment of the CAT eco centre, with a new and updated immersive visitor experience. A new sustainable skills hub will allow many more people to access the skills and knowledge to help create a zero carbon future, and we will continue to develop and invest in our innovative postgraduate courses.

Alongside this, they have plans to rapidly scale up our outreach work to deliver CAT’s message and learning experiences to a much wider digital audience.

But why is it so important that we act now? Peter said:

“There’s no doubt that technology will keep on improving. But what we can’t afford to do is stake our entire future on technological developments that may or may not happen on time. We need to get on with it! There’s a real urgency now around transitioning to net zero.”

CAT have outlined a five-year strategic plan that outlines the key areas they are focusing on as they work towards their vision of a sustainable future for all humanity as part of a thriving natural world.