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IKEA Invests £4.5 Million in One of the Biggest EV Charging Infrastructure Projects

IKEA has today announced a £4.5million investment in a nationwide electric charging infrastructure, which will provide charging points for electric delivery vehicles across the country to enable more emissions-free deliveries. The new infrastructure will source energy entirely through renewable sources.

The EV infrastructure forms part of IKEA’s ongoing transformation to become even more affordable, accessible, and sustainable. The retailer aims to reach 100% zero emissions deliveries to customers by 2025. By summer 2023, IKEA plans to achieve 60% zero emission deliveries in the UK and Ireland, demonstrating the significant steps being taken to accelerate moving towards the 2025 goal.

This will be one of the biggest EV charging infrastructure projects for last mile fleets in the UK and will see IKEA install 196 chargers, of which 53 will be rapid, providing full charge on vehicles in under an hour. The chargers will be located at IKEA stores across the country, as well as the new Dartford customer distribution centre due to open in spring 2023, with the first ones fitted and operational in IKEA Cardiff.

This move is fundamental in allowing IKEA to continue expanding the electric vehicle fleets being used to deliver to customers’ homes, with the ambition to reach over 500 by 2025, with the charging points will be used by both IKEA and partner electric vehicles.

The chargers fitted at the IKEA Cardiff store will help the retailer reach 80% EV deliveries in Wales by the end of this year, which will contribute to the Welsh Government’s Net Zero Strategic Plan.

This infrastructure is being implemented in addition to the existing customer charging points in IKEA stores. Our customer charging points are available for customers to use during their visit to IKEA, the points were introduced to provide access to more sustainable travel for customers. With the introduction of a home delivery infrastructure, IKEA is building a complete offer for customers to have IKEA products arrive sustainably to their homes, no matter how they choose to shop.

Asa Fermandell, IKEA Cardiff Market Manager said:

“We are incredibly proud to be leading the way in IKEA Cardiff, being the first store to implement a charging infrastructure for EV home delivery vehicles in the UK, as we take this vital step in our ambition to reach 100% zero emissions for home deliveries by 2025. Our partners Mer and Unit Movements have been crucial in bringing both the infrastructure and our zero-emission delivery commitments to life, and we are delighted to be evolving our journey together.

“Sustainability is a key focus across IKEA but is especially important in Wales where we know 83% of the population feel a personal responsibility to reduce their own carbon footprint so I am sure this will be a welcomed move.”

IKEA’s commitment to rolling out an electric vehicle charging infrastructure will advance the UK Government’s ambitions to achieve its legally binding targets of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, building on their response to the Skidmore Review. The investment from IKEA has been welcomed by the Government.

Transport Decarbonisation Minister Jesse Norman said:

“It is great to see IKEA investing heavily in EV chargepoints and decarbonising its vehicle fleet.

“This investment is the latest example of businesses and government working together to decarbonise all aspects of road transport, improve air quality and create healthier, buzzing communities.”

To build the nationwide infrastructure, IKEA is partnering with Mer, a European charging company owned by Statkraft, which is Europe’s largest renewable energy producer. Mer will be responsible for the end-to-end implementation and ongoing management and maintenance.

Natasha Fry, Head of Strategic Accounts at Mer UK said: “IKEA is an iconic brand with a recognised commitment to sustainability. When they needed future-proof charge points for their zero-emission, last-mile fleet, they wanted to work with a partner who shares these values.

“Rolling out charging infrastructure for electric vans is rarely straightforward and IKEA recognised that they needed an EV charging expert to guide them through the complexities of a project of this size. We look forward to supporting the IKEA team and, importantly, its customers in making sure last-mile deliveries are efficient and emission free.”

 To find out more about IKEA’s sustainability ambitions and commitments, read the sustainability strategy, People and Planet Positive, here.


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