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HyNet’s John Egan Talks Decarbonising Industry and the Hydrogen Revolution


HyNet is a consortium making fast progress in realising its vision for carbon capture storage and hydrogen. Its industrial partners in north east Wales and England's north west have already begun the journey – planning decarbonisation solutions at scale and at pace involving some of the biggest emitters in the region. And it could all start as early as 2025.

John Egan of Progressive Energy, one of HyNet’s consortium companies, gives an insight into their plans, explains why industry is raring to get involved, and what it means for Welsh businesses committed to net zero.

“HyNet is about tackling the emissions that are causing the climate crisis. HyNet is about doing it for real. It's not a trial, and it’s about doing it at scale and quickly.

“The border doesn't matter to us. It's an economic zone with huge numbers of people and businesses travelling backwards and forwards through it, and beyond 2030 the plan is for our hydrogen network to extend further across north Wales and into mid-Wales.”

“What we have seen is that industry is passionate to do this. They’re saying ‘We’ve got an opportunity here'.”