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16 May 2024

Historic Pilsener Reintroduced by Wrexham Lager Beer Co

The oldest lager brewery in Britain has relaunched its premium pilsener which was once sold in Harrods.

The family-run Wrexham Lager Beer Co has reintroduced its 4.6% ABV pilsener style lager which is brewed in Wrexham using its original recipe.

James Wright, CEO of The Wrexham Lager Beer Co, said:

“We are delighted to bring the pilsener back to our lager and export portfolio. As one of the original pilseners once on sale in Harrods and served in leading hotels, there is a deep history to the drink which we’re proud to bring back.

“The pilsener brings another dynamic flavour to the portfolio and enables us to appeal to different demographics. Not only will customers love the look of the new brand, but when they taste it, we are sure the quality of our pilsener will be an instant hit.

“The launch comes at an exciting time for the company and we’re proud to continue producing lagers of the highest quality. As the oldest brewery in the UK, the relaunch comes at an exciting time for the company as its range is travelling across the UK and hitting international markets.”

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