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Helping Talent Rise – and Businesses Shine


Businesses are built on talented, well-trained people – now more than ever. So the Venture ‘Rise & Shine’ breakfast event is ‘must-attend’ for any employer and enterprise looking to improve their talent pipeline, nurture skills amongst existing employees – or simply make their business the best ‘people business’ it can be.

Come along to this free Business Breakfast Networking event on Wednesday 7th June in Cardiff’s amazing Spark building, and you’ll discover the best ways to recruit talent for your business and improve skills in your workforce – learning the latest best practices and the many expert support services open to you.

You’ll hear how the fully-funded Venture graduate recruitment and development programme is helping businesses of all sizes recruit and develop talent for the Cardiff Capital Region priority sectors – as well as enjoying the valuable wisdoms being shared by speakers who include:

  • Rowena O’Sullivan of Cardiff Capital Region, who will enlighten us on the importance of digital and green skills in today’s rapidly evolving landscape – providing valuable insights into how to leverage those skills to drive innovation, sustainability and growth.
  • Geraldine O’Sullivan of Venture Graduates, showing how the fully-funded Venture programme is helping employers recruit top Graduates – and develop them through a unique Career Accelerator Programme.
  • Darryl Williams of Y Prentis, sharing the benefits of providing highly varied work experiences and exceptional apprenticeship pathways to people of all backgrounds.
  • Graham Rees of Aspire, explaining the unique advantages of Shared Apprenticeships in delivering seamless learning experiences and successful outcomes.
  • Chris Sweet of Welsh Government detailing how you can optimise the React+ programme and access other funding available to your business.
  • Glynn Lloyd of Newfields Law, giving a practical and expert overview on harnessing international talent through work visas and immigration law.

Don’t miss this highly practical and engaging event that’s geared to helping you and your employees build sustainable success for your business – come along to Rise & Shine at 8.30am-10.30am on Wednesday 7th June, at the Sbarc/Spark, Maindy Road, Cardiff CF24 4HQ.

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