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9 July 2024

Health and Beauty Retailer Opens Expanded City Centre Store

Superdrug has opened the doors to a new store in St David’s Cardiff, creating 22 new permanent roles.

The store is one of the largest Superdrug stores in Wales. Cardiff was the original home of Superdrug’s first ever Beauty Studio and the new store features a new studio area which includes Wales’ only Superdrug Hair Salon.

New nurse clinics will also be available in store, offering services such as travel vaccinations and advice, vaccinations for illnesses including shingles and chickenpox, and health testing and checks.

The Cardiff is the fifth opening this year for the retailer as it continues expanding its bricks-and-mortar retail footprint. In total it plans to open 25 new stores in 2024, as it celebrates its 60th year on the British high street.

Nigel Duxbury, Property Director at Superdrug, said:

“We are delighted to be opening a new larger store in St David’s shopping centre. Cardiff was the home of our first ever Beauty Studio and we are so pleased to be able to offer our customers a new and improved Beauty Studio within our new store, complete with Wales’ only Superdrug hair salon. We are confident that local customers will love and welcome the new store, as it offers a wide range of popular health and beauty brands, a luxury fragrance counter, nurses services as well as our professional Beauty Studio.”

Helen Morgan, Centre Director of St David’s Cardiff, added:

“We’re always excited to welcome new brands to the centre as well as seeing our established brands investing in their stores. Superdrug’s upsized store is a brilliant story for the brand and our guests are going to enjoy exploring their new store and its enhanced offering.”

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