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1 October 2023

Gwynedd & Eryri 2035 Partnership Unveils a Bold Vision for Sustainable Tourism

The Gwynedd & Eryri 2035 Partnership prepares to launch an innovative new strategy to support our local economy.

This approach will define how we measure and celebrate the contribution of tourism in Gwynedd and Eryri, emphasising community engagement and sustainability as core principles.

The Gwynedd & Eryri 2035 Partnership has taken the direction of engaging in an open dialogue with the residents and tourism sector of the region. This collaborative effort has led to the creation of a new set of guiding principles aimed at supporting our local communities to showcase the value our local economy whilst also safeguarding the ecological and cultural balance of the area,

The launch event will be an important occasion, featuring distinguished speakers and experts who will shed light on this new and exciting approach. It is an opportunity to witness the unveiling of a strategy that will shape the future of sustainable tourism in Gwynedd and Eryri.

Join us at Plas Tan y Blwch in Maentwrog or online on September 25th to embark on this transformative journey toward a more sustainable and community-focused visitor economy.


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