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Futureproofing the Farming Sector through Innovation


The agriculture industry has radically transformed in recent years. Advances in scale, speed and productivity of farming equipment has led to more efficient cultivation of more land. One company who have been at the heart of the digital transformation of the agriculture industry is Agxio.

Agxio is an award-winning data science and machine learning company that specialises in the biotech, life sciences and agriculture science industries. Founded in 2018 by a world-class team of award-winning technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs and practitioners, Agxio has developed a range of expert AI applications that deliver solutions to a range of complex, real-world business problems.

Business News Wales chatted to CTO of Agxio, Richard Steele about his own vision for the industry.

Listen to the interview below.

Steele said:

“Our projects have been incredibly diverse, really enhancing the real world views of our technology.” He said that Agxio focus primarily in their core area of agriculture but also in the areas of Med-Tech and Animal Health,”

In June last year, Aberystwyth-based Agxio completed a £750,000 equity investment to support the development of advanced data science and AI solutions in agri-tech and agri-fintech. The investment came from a mix of existing investors and the Development Bank of Wales.

Upon receiving the investment – Agxio CEO and co-founder, Dr Stephen Christie said that they are “delighted to be working with the Development Bank of Wales who were always our preferred key strategic partner for the company and our plans in Wales.” He said that Agxio’s aim was “to bridge both of those skills to create innovation in the food supply chain both domestically and internationally.”

But since then, how have Agxio used the investment?

Steele answered:

“We’re working with Farming Connect. We’ve been ingesting farming data through their IOT Sensor Network. We’re also working on the Grass Growing Project that the Welsh Government has been working on, to better understand the land and how varying factors can affect the Welsh farming community.”

The agriculture and farming industry is in a constant state of development and Agxio are certainly paving their own future in digital technology.