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Fratelli Marketing Agency & Outfund Join Forces to Re-Define the Future of Start-Ups in the UK


A Cardiff based digital marketing agency becomes the first of its kind in Wales to offer funding to ambitious e-com businesses looking for scaling opportunities.

Two field leaders joining together, shaping the path for future thriving e-commerce businesses. Both from humble beginnings Outfund and Fratelli Agency recognise the importance of start-ups and alike being given all the help they can get in the turbulent ever-changing environment.

Leading the march in a brave new Britain, Fratelli Agency, a digital marketing agency based in Cardiff aims to provide alternative funding streams to help budding and ambitious brands access the right marketing help & tools to scale successfully, whether they be start-up or not. It comes in the form of a new and exciting financing model that allows brands to raise capital for marketing and inventory needs under a “pay as you grow” scheme. This new & flexible model allows brands that have a solid strategy in place but the lack of capital to realise their goals and help scale them to the next stage in their roadmap.

Davide Dabramo, CEO & Founder, Fratelli Agency, said:

“We've been working hard to bring something to the digital marketing sector that’s innovative and helps create opportunities for budding businesses to scale proven models. We’re excited about leading the march on this and helping where it is really needed”

Together, Fratelli Agency & Outfund will be strategically positioned to really boost support in the e-commerce sector where it needs it the most, being able to provide everything from consultancy through to executing on marketing strategies and funding if needed.

It comes at a crucial time in the British economy where opportunities like this will be a relief to so many that have the innovation but are still in the early stages of their growth plan or the years in accounts history for traditional high street lending.

For more details contact Fratelli Agency directly on 02922747474 or [email protected]