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22 November 2022

First of its kind: A Methodology to Tackle Climate Change for North Wales

Business News Wales spoke with Robyn Lovelock, Programme Manager at Ambition North Wales about a ‘first of its kind’ methodology, to ensure that North Wales Growth Deal projects are built sustainably.

The methodology is designed to guide Growth Deal projects in North Wales to improve biodiversity and reduce operational and embodied carbon impacts from the outset of a project into the running of the project.

The methodology sets out step by step requirements on how carbon and biodiversity should be considered as the business case develops and requires technical assessments at particular stages of the process to enable evidence-based design, impact mitigation and decision making.

The methodology follows the pledge committed by the North Wales Economic Ambition Board, which stated that North Wales Growth Deal projects will aim to:

  • operate at net zero
  • increase biodiversity by at least 10%
  • reduce carbon emissions caused by construction by at least 40%


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