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Finding Support at Your Fingertips: Samaritans Self-Help App


Sometimes it can be difficult to talk about your feelings. Even knowing exactly how you're feeling can be hard.

We've created Samaritans Self-Help to provide a type of support that you can use without having to discuss your feelings with someone else.

It will help you learn safe, memorable techniques for coping with things that are troubling you, through a range of interactive features. It can also help you make a plan to stay safe in a crisis and keep track of things you can do away from the app to help yourself feel better.

Samaritans Self-Help is a web application that you can use online in your browser or install on a computer or smartphone. It's not monitored by our volunteers, and we can't see what you write in it.

How does Samaritans Self-Help work?

Track your mood

Record how you're feeling, see patterns in your mood and get suggestions for things that could help.

Create a safety plan

Make a plan for how you could keep yourself safe in a crisis.

Try techniques

Practise a range of techniques to help you challenge and cope with difficult feelings.

Keep track of helpful activities

Remind yourself of the things that make you feel better and get ideas for new things to try.

Be kind to yourself every day

Our self-help app is here for you, however you are feeling. Explore relaxation techniques straight away or take your self-help further by creating an account.

To access the app and to create and account, visit:

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