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20 March 2024

Exploring Welsh Food and Drink Success Stories in a Special B Corp Spotlight Series

As March is B Corp month, we celebrate the Welsh food and drink successes reaching the international gold standard for sustainability in this two part Welsh B Corp stars series.

Using a comprehensive approach, B Corp certification measures the social and environmental performance of a business. The rewards for businesses are numerous including engaged and motivated staff, greater networking opportunities, better customer loyalty and advancement in innovation.

With several drinks companies achieving B Corp, the sector is in good spirits.

While the sector has diverse sub-sectors, including beer, cider, wine, spirits, bottles water, soft drinks, fruit juices, hot drinks, dairy and non-dairy, it is thriving.

Raising the profile of the Welsh drinks sector is the Drinks Cluster, which supports growth through industry collaboration and connectivity.

Commenting, Lauren Smith, lead of the Drinks Cluster said:

“We are proud to see Welsh drinks companies embracing the B Corp movement and committing to social and environmental responsibility. These companies are leading the way in sustainable and ethical business practices, and their success is a testament to the growing demand for responsible products.

“We are excited to continue supporting and promoting the growth of B Corp Welsh drinks companies and their positive impact on our communities and the planet.”

Raise a glass (or cup) to these Welsh B Corp stars.

Coaltown Coffee

Located in Ammanford in south west Wales, Coaltown Coffee roasts ethically sourced green coffee from the best producers from around the world.

Since 2018, the company has been stirring things up in their post-industrial town, giving a new purpose, where coal mining was once a thriving industry.

With an ethos to create delicious coffee while holding the planet, people and profit with equal regard, Coaltown Coffee became B Corp certified in 2019. It was one of the first coffee companies in the UK to achieve this.

Coaltown founder Scott James said:

“Coaltown is B Corp and B Corp is Coaltown. Our founding principles were to be ethical, transparent and sustainable, and B Corp has allowed us to follow set guidelines to ensure that we keep this promise. It’s been a massive achievement to receive this commendation and all companies should strive for this as a standard for our future.”

Scott continued:

“We are constantly changing and adapting to improve and better ourselves to ensure a brighter, greener future. We care about more than just profit. All decisions are made with nature in mind.”

Drop Bear Beer

Launched in June 2019 by young couple Joelle and Sarah, Drop Bear Beer Co. produces alcohol-free craft beers.

With a mission statement that promises to ‘brew the best 0.5% ABV craft beers and build a better world in which to drink them” the company is certified carbon neutral and became a B Corp in 2021, the first B Corp brewery in Wales.

Drop Bear Beer Co.’s co-founder Joelle said:

“Doing good by people and the planet has always been a priority for Sarah and I, so we were already operating the business as a B Corp.

“We completely understand the importance of third party accreditation to consumers, so it’s important that we back up any claims we make. B Corp certification provides reassurance to our customers that we always strive to do the best we can in all senses.”

The company received support from Welsh Government to cover the costs of the B Corp accreditation and are quickly seeing the benefits.

Joelle added:

“B Corp has certainly helped us increase sales and has also assisted us in the creation of a positive work culture that prioritises wellbeing.

“I think the main benefit has been providing a strong structure to our sustainability and ethical goals, allowing us to increase our efforts as our business scales. It has also been great to join a community of like-minded purpose driven businesses.”


In 2018, Karina and Maciek started their independent juice brand Flawsome! to transform perfectly imperfect fruit into delicious drinks for everyone to enjoy. As advocates for preventing food waste, they wanted a tastier way to enjoy surplus fruit.

The company’s commitment to reduce food waste and promote sustainability, alongside a passionate and innovative approach to give ‘wonky’ fruits a second chance, has earned them numerous awards and B Corp accreditation.

Co-founder Karina Sudenyte said:

“The decision to pursue B Corp certification was driven by our deep-rooted commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We believe that businesses have a crucial role in creating a positive impact on the world, and B Corp certification aligns perfectly with our values.”

“Our pursuit of B Corp certification has significantly enhanced our business. From day one, the process has streamlined operations by reducing waste and increasing efficiency. Beyond cost savings, it has bolstered our brand reputation, resonating with environmentally conscious stakeholders.

“B Corp certification serves as a testament to our commitment to responsible business practices, opening new avenues for collaboration and reinforcing our dedication to a sustainable and ethical future.”

Corp certified has boosted the company’s market appeal, contributing to increased sales and customer loyalty, and it has enhanced job satisfaction and staff retention.

Karina continued:

“Looking forward, we anticipate continued sales growth and the attraction of top talent who value our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. In essence, B Corp approval is propelling both our market standing and internal culture toward sustained success.”

For further information about what support is available for Welsh food and drink producers visit


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