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9 October 2023

Exclusive Interview (Part 1) – Economy Minister Responds to HS2 and 20mph Rule


In the first of this exclusive four-part interview, Business News Wales editor Mark Powney speaks with Minister of the Economy Vaughan Gething, to gather his thoughts on the recent UK government announcement that £1 Billion has been set aside for the electrification of the North Wales mainline.

Rishi Sunak has announced HS2 will only run from London to Birmingham and not on to Manchester because of spiralling costs. Money will instead be used for alternative projects across the UK, including the one in North Wales.

The minister also shares his views on the impact the recent 20mph rule will have on the economy in Wales.

In tomorrow's instalment, the minister shares his views on why equality charity Chwarae Teg has closed and what happens within diversity and inclusion support for employers in Wales.


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