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23 October 2023

Empowering Wales: A Conversation on Apprenticeships and Future Skills

In this insightful discussion, Lisa Mytton, the Strategic Director for the National Training Federation for Wales, engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Leigh Hughes, Chair of the South East Wales Cardiff Capital Region Skills Partnership.

The discussion revolves around their strategic plan for apprenticeships and how partnerships can effectively contribute to achieving these strategic priorities.

Leigh discusses the vital role of the Regional Skills Partnership in bridging the gap between government, employers, and education providers. He emphasises the need for a flexible approach to apprenticeships to accommodate the changing job landscape and highlights the importance of foundational apprenticeships as stepping stones to higher-level programs.

The conversation delves into raising awareness about apprenticeships and celebrating success stories to showcase the value of vocational education. Both stress the significance of collaboration, unity, and promoting Team Wales to ensure a prosperous future through apprenticeships and workforce development.

Their talk resonates with the need for continuous improvement, a focus on opportunities for all learners, and fostering loyalty and career progression among apprentices. Overall, the conversation underscores the critical role of partnerships in developing the future workforce in Wales.


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