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11 December 2019

Debt Collector’s Christmas Gift to Chinese Pupils

Chinese school pupils in Bangor have received an educational Christmas gift of vital textbooks – courtesy of a world-leading debt recovery company based in Gwynedd.

A volunteer at Bangor Chinese School (BCS) arranged with her employer CCI Credit Management Ltd (CCICM), located near Porthmadog, to donate 30 books for Christmas, at a special presentation ceremony in ‘The City Of Learning.’

Volunteer Kun (Christine) Jiao organised for her CCICM manager Patrick Harte – the company’s Chief Representative Officer (CRO) in China – to present the dictionaries and key-stage skills textbooks at the ceremony at the Sunday school in Berea Newydd, St David’s Drive, Bangor, on 8th December.

Lead teacher at BCS, Jianmin Fang, said:

“These generously-donated books are vital to help our pupils aged 4-16 to learn key-stage Chinese language, culture, and history, as well as about famous overseas people and places, in this friendly environment. Our extensive library means they can achieve the levels needed for university. We hope the gift will strengthen links between Bangor’s learning community and CCICM.”

Receiving a framed thank-you certificate in return, Patrick said:

“We are delighted to support Kun, as both a volunteer and colleague, with this initiative. CCICM has a long and successful history of working with Bangor University Business School, and in China. For more than 15 years, we have been the trusted partner of many household-name Chinese clients, including State and State-owned entities, as well as many large commercial organisations.

“Such has been our success in collecting international export debts and mitigating Chinese clients’ trading risk across the world, we have opened a new office in Shanghai, China. This presence means we can regularly liaise directly with clients in-country and serve their requirements even more efficiently,” Patrick added.

Kun is CCICM’s UK-based China Project Manager. For four years, she has supported Patrick with client liaison in both countries, specialising in advising and communicating with major trade credit insurance agencies about best-practice provision for export businesses.

Before CCICM, Kun was a freelance writer on Sino-UK matters when she moved to Britain 10 years ago. In China, she was an editor for a Chinese media company, based in Beijing. She has a Masters in Media Communications Culture and is a native Mandarin speaker.

CCICM is keen to recruit more Bangor University and Business School Management Centre candidates such as Kun, whose husband James Wang helps with BCS’s Coding & IT class and is a senior lecturer in Electronic Engineering at the university.

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