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Connie Dixon, a board member at Openreach, spoke with Business News Wales about Openreach and its firm roots in Wales.

Having joined the Openreach team on their Fast Track Program, Connie now plays a key role in liaising with stakeholders, MPs, and MSs to share the work Openreach is doing across Wales and to inform and educate why the schemes are so important to the community

Interview Highlights

  • I joined the accelerated leadership scheme where Openreach was proactively looking for individuals that didn't have any experience in the industry but could come and join the organisation and work across some rotations over 12 to 18 months to get to know the business and find the area of the business where they could add the most value.
  • I work mainly with stakeholders and commercial contracts to roll out broadband as quickly and as efficiently as they can across Wales, to help share and educate them on what it is that they’re doing and why they're doing it, some of the challenges that they may face and how they can work together to overcome those.
  • Openreach is upgrading Wales' infrastructure to ensure that they've got access to the best broadband that there is. Across Wales, 95% of people can get access to superfast broadband.
  • Openreach’s broadband is 12 times faster than the average broadband that you would get to a traditional copper and fibre integrated service.
  • I work closely with the government and stakeholders to work with local communities to access interventions, whether that's vouchers that might help to fund it or to work on a contract basis to put steps in place making connection available to those communities that don't have it.
  • I am part of the Openreach Wales board that's formed by hugely dedicated and passionate Welsh Openreach employees that come together to ensure that they are doing the best that they can across Wales in rolling out and providing service.
  • Openreach are committed to the common bond of being a Welsh employer and having a real passion for the communities that they live in and work in.
  • Openreach in Wales is made up of nearly two and a half thousand people, mainly engineers, coming from all kinds of background.
  • Openreach have already connected over 450,000 properties across Wales with ultrafast broadband and works to showcase the hugely successful things that Openreach can do in some of the most rural of communities across Wales.


Openreach is made up of four divisions – service delivery, fibre and network delivery, strategic infrastructure development, and headquarters.

Our 35,000 people are hugely experienced, resourceful and innovative. They tackle complicated engineering problems – from coordinating works with councils, highways agencies, energy suppliers and landowners, to installing and maintaining the complex kit that provides fibre broadband services. They go the extra mile and take on any challenge to build a better, faster and more affordable network that helps our customers stay connected.


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