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Coles Funeral Directors Bringing Former Bank Back to Life


Coles Funeral Directors, one of the last family owned independent funeral directors based in Cardiff, have acquired new business premises and vehicles after a £380,000 investment to acquire and refurbish the former Barclays Bank at Birchgrove Cardiff.

Gareth Coles, Company Director at Coles Funeral Directors said:

“We have been operating as independent funeral directors in Cardiff for over 13 years and are the only funeral business in Wales to have been accredited by The Good Funeral Guide. The business has been growing steadily over the last decade and Barclays supported us to acquire a commercial unit at South Point, Cardiff back in 2015 which was the catalyst for the business expansion.

“As we bank with Barclays, when we found out the Birchgrove branch was going to close we enquired about the possibility of acquiring the former bank as part of our expansion plans. Barclays were extremely helpful and accommodating to ensure the former branch became a positive contributor to the local economy rather than an empty unit.”

Coles Funeral Directors

Ruth Deards, Barclays Business Manager, said:

“As champions of local business, it is essential that we support local businesses such as Coles Funeral Directors. By really understanding the business and issues they have faced, Barclays has been able to support the business both financially and professionally throughout their expansion. As someone who used to work at the branch, the transformation is remarkable. The refurbishment has been done to the very highest standard creating a beautiful environment for clients and ensuring the building continues to deliver commercial benefits for the local community.”

Gareth continues:

“We are very much aware of the challenges within the industry, especially as an independent, but believe if you have the right staff and the right service you can continue to evolve and grow. Whatever the external economic environment throws up, there will always be some businesses doing well and others not so well.

“We feel we are well positioned within the local market and can use this investment to grow and strengthen the business. Running a business is tough with no rest bite and being tied to the business 24 hours a day but the rewards far outweigh the downsides even after working 16 hour days. The gratitude of customers during very difficult times and the personal development of our small yet highly capable workforce makes it all worthwhile.”