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Clearing Customs UK Open New Office in Dafen


With the substantial increase in demand for customs clearance declarations post Brexit a requirement for a local agent in Llanelli, Wales was identified by Customs Clearance UK who have officially opened their office in Dafen.

With a team of 6 dedicated agents, Clearing Customs UK aims to assist clients with compliance of the extensive new customs regulations and to help them to avoid potential delays and costs at borders.

Over the next few months all exports from the UK to Europe will legally require customs clearance documentation. Time management, border delays, expenses, lack of expertise and audit compliance will all be new challenges facing UK businesses.

Clearing Customs UK will act as a company’s customs clearance agent, lodging import and export declarations and interfacing with customs on their behalf, enabling customers to track each step of the clearance process.

Andrew Holden, Manager of the new Office in Llanelli said:

“Over the last two years it has been clear to UK businesses that there would be big challenges facing importers and exporters as a result of Brexit. Full EU border controls have applied on GB goods going to the EU since the start of January, which has caused problems for some exporters already, but goods coming in the other direction have benefited from a grace period. This period will come to an end over the next few months with significant impact on importations, particularly food products. All this contributes to a major new layer of bureaucracy and complexity that business will need to be ready for and get assistance with.’

Clearing Customs UK is a member of the British International Freight Association and FIATA.

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For further information contact Andrew Holden at [email protected] or phone 01554 897178.

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