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Celtic Sea Opportunities for Wales


The Celtic Sea offers a range of opportunities for Wales such as economic development, renewable energy and environmental conservation.

With its potential for offshore wind farms, commercial fisheries, marine tourism and marine conservation efforts, it presents a promising path for Wales to achieve its renewable energy goals, support local communities and to protect the marine ecosystem.

Hosted by Carwyn Jones, this Business News Wales Digital Discussion joined by Scott Harper, Director of Floventis Energy, discussed the details of how the Celtic Sea can harness green energy, the significance of the Celtic Freeport Bid, the role that floating offshore wind can play in our future and the specific obstacles ahead to move both infrastructure and technology forward.

About Floventis Energy

In 2021, Cierco and SBM Offshore formed the joint venture company, Floventis Energy, with the goal of becoming a market leader in offshore floating wind power. The joint venture brings together complementary skills and expertise to produce the know-how required to develop and deliver complex technology projects successfully in the offshore environment.

Floventis is at the forefront of the global transition to large scale green power generation from floating offshore wind and by deploying an early mover strategy, they are taking the very first steps towards the next generation of wind turbine technologies.