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Cardiff Evaluates Plans for £100m Cable Car System


Business groups say scheme would attract tourists and help ease commuter congestion, but critics point to east London project that is hardly used.

An ambitious scheme to build a £100m-plus cable car system that would zip commuters and visitors around Cardiff is being investigated by the Welsh city’s investment arm. Cardiff Business Council is asking an engineering firm to draw up a feasibility study for the system, which could operate between the city centre, the bay area and the town of Penarth.

Nigel Roberts, chairman of the CBC, said: “We’ve been thinking and talking about this for the last 18 months. There are discussions in Cardiff of having a new tram system, monorail or bendy buses. Why not dream a bit bigger and go for cable cars? It would be phenomenal. There would be fantastic views across to the Devon coast and up the Bristol channel. But it’s also a practical solution for commuters.”