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Cardiff-Based Animation Studio Working on ‘Stunning’ Video Game Debut


Cardiff-based studio Jammy Custard Animation has teamed up with Inklingwood Studios on the development of their new point & click adventure game, ‘Foolish Mortals'.

Fans of the genre have praised the impressive storytelling, animation and art as teasers of the game have surfaced throughout the year on social media. Subsequently, when a playable demo and Kickstarter went live in early October, Foolish Mortals reached its £12k funding goal on the first day.

Creator David Younger of Inklingwood Studios (County Durham, UK) said,

‘It’s incredible. Not only did we achieve our Kickstarter goal in under 24 hours, but we've already been passing our stretch goals to add in bonus puzzles, bonus backgrounds, and with Jammy Custard's amazing talents, bonus animation too!'

‘Foolish Mortals' is a ‘merry and macabre' adventure across Devil's Rock, an island haunted, literally, by its former inhabitants. Eccentric characters and exciting puzzles populate the mysterious island of Devil’s Rock in this classic style point & click adventure.

More than 30 people have been developing the debut title, including artists from iconic games, including the Broken Sword series.

Jammy Custard has been telling stories for over a decade for TV, digital marketing and live performances. Their client roster includes hit BBC shows, Premier League Productions, the UK and Welsh Governments and one of Japan's biggest anime kids shows, Shimajiro. So the 2D animation specialists saw a perfect opportunity to back David Younger’s worldbuilding experience from his days as a theme park designer to reboot a classic atmosphere for modern gaming,

The collaboration encapsulates Jammy Custard's passion for compelling storytelling, animation and video games. Animation Director Matthew Creed said,

‘Having grown up with point & click games; this job is a dream. We knew the task would be huge but also incredibly fun.'

He continued,

‘Playing a part in the development of ‘Foolish Mortals' and being able to add our mark to the game through the animations we create has been really special'.

David added,

‘Through their animation, Jammy Custard are infusing character, personality, humour, and excitement into the game, and it's been a joy to see each new animation they've created throughout the development process.'

‘The response has made us even more enthusiastic about delivering the full game next year, with additional content included entirely because of our amazing supporters.'

Foolish Mortals is expected to release next year on Steam, iOS and Nintendo Switch. The demo is currently available to players on Steam and new ‘stretch goals’ have been added to the game's Kickstarter that will allow even more features like bonus puzzles and locations to Foolish Mortals.