Showcasing the Best of Welsh Business


Business Weekly Podcast – Episode 16


In this week’s Podcast, we spoke a variety of business leaders across Wales including:

  • Heather Myers from the South Wales Chamber encourages business to apply to become part of the Supply Chain for Hinkley Point.
  • Monmouthshire Council have reported another surplus for the year of 2018/19. Councillor Phil Murphy joins us to tell us more.
  • A recent survey by KPMG has looked into how businesses view digital transformation. We spoke to Director of IT advisory at KPMG, Derek Kay to find out more.
  • The importance of a Social Media policy in the modern workplace is of critical importance in this digital era. Caryl Thomas of Cardiff Based HR Dept spoke to us on the subject.
  • We spoke to David Elsmere of Superfast Business Wales who is encouraging Business to use their Digital support programme.
  • Emelyne Burkhard of the Celtic English Academy spoek to us on why Wales should aim to attract more international students.
  • BITC Cymru have held their ‘Waste to Wealth‘ summit this week. We spoke to BITC Cymru Director, Matt Appleby, to learn more.
  • and finally Chase de Vere, who have offices in Cardiff, have announced their best year and Ben Staniforth talks to us about their performance and the Welsh Economy.