Bombora’s European Headquarters to be Based at Pembroke Dock in Wales


Bombora Wave Power Pty Ltd (‘Bombora’ or ‘the Company’) announced the expansion of its European operations with new headquarters to be based in Wales, United Kingdom.

This follows Bombora’s capital raising announcement on 17 November, 2017 detailing a multi-million dollar investment from global energy and environment company, Enzen. The funding is supporting the development of Bombora’s mWaveTM, a 1.5 Megawatt (MW) device that converts wave energy into lowcost, clean electricity.

Bombora is basing its operations in the south of Wales at Pembroke Dock. The region offers good access to experienced marine energy staff, critical supply chain capability and marine operations expertise, enabling Bombora to strengthen its team and ramp up operations to commercialise the mWaveTM technology.

Key staff including Chief Executive Officer, Sam Leighton and Chief Technical Officer, Cam Algie, are relocating from Australia to Wales to launch the operations and facilitate the transfer of mWaveTM technology. Bombora plans to ramp up their recruitment and supply chain activities over the coming weeks as the Pembrokeshire operations become fully operational.

Commenting on the expansion into Wales, Bombora’s CEO, Sam Leighton said,

“We are excited to headquarter our European manufacturing operations in Wales. The Welsh offer various schemes and financial incentives as well as excellent planned testing facilities, to make it an ideal location to develop
our mWaveTM technology commercially.”

He continued,

“Our parent company and Board remain in Australia, where we have an extensive network
of development partners still integrally involved in developing the mWaveTM, as well as the Albany Project
in the mid term pipeline.”

The Welsh team will focus on a two and a half year, €20 million project to design, fabricate and test the
first 1.5 MW mWaveTM prototype. Bombora is in discussions with Marine Energy Wales and the Milford

Haven Port Authority to secure both construction and test sites.

Bombora plans to access the Marine Energy Test Area (META) in Pembrokeshire, Wales which includes
access to an exposed ocean testing area. META is being developed by Marine Energy Wales and the test
areas can accommodate multiple wave and tidal energy developers.
Portugal project update

In parallel with the core Welsh Project, Bombora will continue to develop sites suitable for ‘multi device
commercial trials’, including the previously announced project in Peniche, Portugal. The site consenting
process is continuing at Peniche which is an ideal location for the mWaveTM.