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The Benefits of Developing a Bilingual Content Marketing Strategy in Wales


This week alone has proven that Wales’ native tongue is far from a dying language, with Welsh Government promising to safeguard the funding of S4C and Caerphilly council approving a five-year Welsh language strategy. Seeing more businesses investing in Welsh language strategies, we at Wolfestone are eager to promote the numerous benefits.

Passionate to explore this, we find the following factors enhance clients’ eagerness to release bilingual content.

8018656309_4175827da4_b-1Strengthening your brand identity    

With new technology making the Welsh start-up community more diverse than ever, using a bilingual content marketing strategy can define your business for yet another unique quality. As well as showing that you have your finger on the pulse, such approaches craft you into a thought-leader that speaks to Wales as a whole. So, whether your company is looking to grow internationally or expand into new domestic markets, marketing in a second language increases who you can sell to.

The SEO benefits of multiple language marketing  

Driving interested, targeted, traffic to a website can be both difficult and rewarding, with the subject of SEO being forever in revision. However, did you know that working with bilingual content can assist in your quest to climb the ranks?

Gathering website visitors from both English and Welsh speakers, investing in Welsh content will boast various SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits. Bringing in more visitors, businesses will reap the rewards of posting relevant, engaging content that people want to read. Serving multiple locations and languages, Google will recognise such efforts, understanding that your website offers information that users are searching for. As a result, search engines will give your site heightened levels of visibility.

Build immediate rapport with customers and affiliates   

One of the main objectives of marketing is to speak to your target audience on a personal level, understanding their needs and pushing relatable material to them. By presenting your business to readers in their own language, you push them further down the sales pipeline, building an immediate connection.

The power of bilingual content in social media marketing

Each social media platform is built with its own algorithms, pushing content that speaks to its individual users. Drawing on many subjects, language plays a huge role in ranking factors.

Social media is all about connectivity, forming communities of users that share interests. By presenting Welsh and English content, businesses can get amongst a larger number of communities, increasing brand recognition along the way.

Looking to work with a trusted translation partner?

When running communication campaigns, it is vital that you use a firm that can offer a full-service and integrated approach.  It is also important to have a partner who understands your brand values and knows how to apply them across different media platforms. Here at Wolfestone we offer exactly that, having worked with various Welsh firms to deliver bilingual content marketing strategies.

For more information on how we can help your business grow its audience through Welsh language, contact us today and allow us to help.