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Apulian Street Food Cabin Brings Italian Culture to Cardiff


By Ewelina Nowicka, University of South Wales 

Panzerotteria Franco: Apulian Street Food is a small food cabin, based on Heol Porth Teigr in Cardiff Bay.

The food cabin has been founded by Francesco Scarpetta, who was born in Puglia in Italy, but has lived in Wales for most of his life.

During lockdown – Scarpetta lost his job and therefore, set out to create his own business. His intention was to showcase Italian culture in a different way to the usual pizza and pasta.

Scarpetta sells dishes from Puglia at the food cabin. One of the signature dishes on the cabin’s menu  is Panzerotto – a savoury dough pouch, that is filled and fried. Scarpetta also offers Focaccia and a few desserts- all made freshly by him in the cabin.

Scarpetta explored his passion for cooking when he was very young. His mother and grandmother would show him how to cook Panzerotto and other Apulian dishes. This allowed him to gain more experience, regularly cooking dinner for his working family after school.

For Scarpetta, one of the most important things is that when you come to his food truck, you not only get food, but also a cultural Apulian experience.

Whilst currently, the business is still growing, Scarpetta has been commended by locals for preparing all the Apulian dished in the very limited space of the small cabin.

Talking about the business venture in detail, Scarpetta said:

“Panzerotto is lovely to eat while you walk in the cold (…) you can put it in your pockets and it will keep your hands warm, as it’s a very hot food!”

The food cabin, located in Cardiff Bay, is open six days a week, and has a five stars hygiene rating.

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