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5G Wales Unlocked

5G Wales Unlocked is a consortium of partners dedicated to bringing 5G connectivity to rural and semi-rural Wales. With case studies in four key areas – education, transport, tourism and farming – this project is showing how 5G and other new technologies can help rural businesses and communities thrive.

The 5G Wales Unlocked partners are Welsh Government, Cisco, BT Cymru Wales, Cardiff University, UtterBerry, AppyWay, Jam Creative Studios, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council and Monmouthshire County Council. Funding is provided by DCMS.

Digital Discussions:

Unlocking 5G in Manufacturing

In this new Business News Wales series – brought to you by 5G Wales Unlocked, host Carwyn Jones explores the possibilities of 5G with a range of guests from a multitude of business sectors.

In this episode, Carwyn chats with Peter Marshall, Strategic Marketing Director at Ericsson – a self-described ‘ambassador for 5G’ – who talks about the way it is impacting the manufacturing sector.

Unlocking 5G in Health and Social Care

In this latest episode of Unlocking 5G in Wales, host Carwyn Jones talks to Rosemary Kay, Director of Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care, and Peter Shearman, Head of Innovation at Cisco, about the potential benefits of 5G in health and social care.


Unlocking 5G in Tourism – Podcast

In the first episode Unlocking 5G in… Tourism, host Carwyn Jones is joined by guests Libby Warwick, Senior Producer at Jam Creative Studios; Dave Penberthy, Head of Interpretation at Cadw; and Stephanie Evans, Head of Properties in Care at Cadw; to discuss how Wales’ tourism sector can benefit from 5G technology.

Unlocking 5G in Transport – Podcast

Unlocking 5G in Farming - Podcast

In the latest episode of Unlocking 5G in Wales host Carwyn Jones talks to Michael Powell, of Monmouthshire County Council, and Raglan based farmer Tim Smith, about how 5G can be used to strengthen the agriculture industry.

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Welsh Government

Welsh Government

Welsh Government is supporting 5G Wales partners to seize the opportunities created by 5G tech in Wales.


Cisco is a worldwide leader in technology that powers the internet and inspires new possibilities.

Cardiff University

Cardiff Uni’s School of Computer Science is exploring how 5G and AI can support rural communities with everything from remote management of farms to automation

BT Wales Cymru

BT is helping to make new tech accessible to all in Wales, even rural and semi-rural communities


UtterBerry’s system of tiny, low-power sensors uses 5G to provide insight on everything from transport to tourism.


AppyWay is tackling rural transport issues via innovative solutions made possible with the power of 5G.

Jam Creative

Jam Creative combines 5G with the latest AR and VR technology to create immersive visitor experiences which bring places, objects and landscapes to life.

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council

One of the first Welsh Local Authority areas to receive 5G coverage Blaenau Gwent CBC is using 5G tech to deliver innovative projects like the fflecsi bus service.

Monmouthshire County Council

Monmouthshire CC is showing how 5G can help rural communities thrive.