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£4M Boost for Conwy Economy


Armed Forces Day could boost Conwy’s economy by £4m. The national event will take place in Llandudno this summer when as many as 250,000 people could descend on the county.

The event is being held as a thank you to the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force, and veterans.

Staged across the county between 25th June and 1st July, the week of events will include a flag-raising ceremony, Reserves’ Day, a gala dinner at Venue Cymru, and military parade on the main day in Llandudno on 30th June.

There will also be a showcase of military vehicles, including helicopters, boats, and planes.

This year’s event marks the tenth anniversary of the celebration. At a similar event two years ago at Cleethorpes, the National Armed Forces Day helped generate £4.2 million for the local economy. The figure is based on independent research commissioned by organisers.

Cllr Louise Emery is the Cabinet Member for the Economy at Conwy County Borough Council and explained how Conwy’s economy could benefit.

She said,

“The economic benefit is obvious. There are going to be thousands of people here. The hotels are going to be absolutely rammed. The caravan and camp sites around this area are going to be very busy and the town itself—the cafes and the businesses, just the normal retail shops—are all going to benefit.

“Cleethorpes had millions of pounds worth of extra business, not just on that one day but the week building up to Armed Forces Day and afterwards, so it is a real win win for the town. It’s going to be a great day.”

Cllr Liz Roberts is the Armed Forces Champion for Conwy County Borough Council and said,

“We are delighted that Armed Forces Day is coming to Conwy county because it’s an opportunity for us to thank the serving soldiers of today and veterans.

“We’ve been doing lots of work for Conwy county for the Armed Forces over the last four years, and the national Armed Forces Day is just an ideal opportunity to demonstrate once again how much we support the work that they do.

“We know that in Cleethorpes the event brought in millions into the economy. Conwy is already known for holding major events. We are known globally for our outdoor activities, but it will bring business, investment, and tourism to Conwy. Although people will only be coming for a weekend, people will come back again because they will enjoy it so much.”

Cllr Roberts added,

“We already know Armed Forces Day is bringing repeat business as colleagues involved in the event—who visited Llandudno for the first time thanks to the event being staged here—have already returned for short breaks with their families. This event will bring in a new audience and further embed Conwy county on the National map.

“We are using as many local suppliers as possible, many of whom have already benefitted. This was all planned as part of Conwy’s Events Strategy. We are also looking for volunteers for the day, as the event requires a cast of hundreds.”