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24 January 2024

Wrexham Gateway: Transforming First Impressions and Future Visions

In this audio series special for Ambition North Wales, we hear from representatives of the five new projects who are developing business cases aimed at securing places within the Growth Deal portfolio for the North Wales Economic Ambition Board.

Alistair Aldridge, the dedicated project manager steering the transformative Wrexham Gateway initiative for Wrexham County Borough Council, talked to us about the focus on rejuvenating the area around the train station, a crucial entry point to Wrexham City Centre.

The project aims to provide a good first impression for visitors arriving by rail into Wrexham. Beyond aesthetics, Alistair emphasises the project's role in promoting active travel, fostering a modal shift towards sustainable transportation linking to the City centre, the University and the Football Stadium.

The Gateway project extends its impact to the renowned Kop stand, at the oldest stadium hosting international games, which is undergoing redevelopment to accommodate not only football but also conferences and exhibitions. The multi-faceted initiative includes new offices, residential spaces, student accommodation, improved infrastructure and a multi-modal transport hub – all poised to elevate Wrexham's profile.

Supported by a total of £4.79m Growth Deal funding and Welsh government grants, the project promises a physical transformation and set a precedent for zero carbon, biodiversity and social value measures. Navigating the intricate planning stages, Wrexham eagerly anticipates a future where the Gateway serves as a beacon for sustainable development and economic growth.

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