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Welsh Firm’s Technology Leading the Way for UK Fuel Reduction


Ammanford-based Gaia Hire has pioneered a leading AI-driven technology that is cutting fuel consumption across some of the UK’s largest construction sites. 

And as pressure mounts to reach ambitious emissions reductions targets, Gaia Hire has pledged to help UK construction – one of the worst offenders – to strive for greener, more sustainable practices.

Their latest innovation, Automate®, now leads the way for greener construction – cutting site emissions – and environmental impact – by up to 80%.

With mounting pressure to drive towards net zero, Automate® is today helping leading firms such as Bouygues, Siemens, Amey, and John Sisk to reduce construction site CO2, diesel emissions, and environmental impact.

Automate® is a small but mighty IoT (Internet of Things) platform, designed with maximum accuracy, reliability, scalability, and power control in mind.

It uses cutting-edge sensors, actuators, and software to measure, monitor and control power consumption across multiple portacabins.

Thanks to the power of AI, it intuitively diverts power away from non-essential usage and supplies additional power where and when it’s needed.

Automate® was developed after noticing the need for a shift in perspective – to firstly measure, then manage energy before making the change to add a renewable energy source.

Gaia Hire MD, Jamie Morris, says: 

“All too often environmental teams in large construction companies make the decision to lower their carbon on site by deploying the obvious solutions such as solar or batteries. It became obvious to me that they needed to firstly manage and reduce their energy consumption – repairing the holes in the bucket so to speak – before adding the icing on the cake. And that’s where Automate® comes in.”

Today, Automate® helps almost 100 UK construction sites reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by 80%, and it’s been adopted by some of the biggest names in the industry.

It’s become the go-to technology for Bouygues, Willmott Dixon, Siemens, Amey, John Sisk, Costain, Galiford Try, Walters Group, and Lovells. Some of the biggest UK projects have also partnered with Automate® from 2021. These include Hinkley Point C, Meridian Water Project, and HS2.