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Welsh Businesses Can Play a Part in Championing Tropical Forests

Charity Size of Wales is calling on businesses to become deforestation free champions.

It has launched a movement to make Wales the world’s first deforestation free nation. The charity says many imports to Wales are linked to deforestation, habitat loss and social impacts such as child labour and the abuse of Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

Currently 73% of all tropical deforestation is caused by the production of just a handful of agricultural products, including products like beef from Brazil, soy, palm oil, coffee, cacao, timber, paper and pulp. These are called ‘forest risk commodities’.

Size of Wales says that in Wales 80% of our soy imports and 50% of our palm oil imports are used to feed livestock. It wants to raise awareness of the impact that purchasing and consumption decisions in Wales have on tropical forests.

The charity also says that the global responsibility goal contained in the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, alongside the Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Act and wider national and international legislation on forest risk commodities, demonstrate the growing trend towards more sustainable business practices and procurement.

Business News Wales editor Gemma Casey spoke to Angie Kirby, advocacy outreach officer for the Deforestation Free Nation campaign at Size of Wales, about the support on offer to businesses.

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