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Wales’ Workforce Missing Out on Digital Skills Pay Boost


According to the Digital Marketing Institute Limited, there will be a demand to fill 150,000 digital jobs through the UK. This includes the graduate market and enhancing the skills of existing employees.

The Barclays Digital Development Index 2017 has found that The UK is experiencing a significant lack in digital knowledge amongst its workers, creating a skills gap. 43 per cent of the population doesn’t have the standard of digital skills required by the majority of today’s employers.

And worryingly, in an assessment of the three Major regions in the UK, Wales has the lowest level of digital skills in the national workforce.

Further the analysis has shown that UK employers will pay a premium of up to £10,000 a year for candidates with digital skills, demonstrating what opportunity exists for those willing to enter the field.

Education is a key platform in developing opportunities in the digital sector. But in a stark reflection of the status quo, figures reveal that while 20% of people in Wales are aware of local digital training being available to them, only 4% have made use of it.

The Welsh Government is focussing on including digital education into the curriculum, with the advent of opportunities for children in school such as coding clubs. They have invested £100m over five years to raise school standards to prepare the future workforce.

Education Secretary Kirsty Williams said:

“Code is part of almost everyone's life,” said Ms Williams. “When we check out social media, access an app or computer we are using systems created through code. It is an essential building block of our modern world and I want to make sure as many of our young people have knowledge of it as they develop their digital skills.”