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Volvo XC60: The Perfect Business Car?


Though selecting a business car is a rather exciting task, the vast amount of options can be overwhelming, seeing many great vehicles being overlooked. Here at Volvo Cars Cardiff, we are this week putting the XC60 under the spotlight, exploring its capability as a corporate vehicle.

Drive in comfort  

The stresses of business life can often take their toll on us, especially if some of our duties include travelling for long periods of time. Receiving rave reviews for its level of comfort, the XC60 is capable of offering a relaxing environment when gettingfrom A to B. With comfortable seats and the ability to absorb bumps along the way, the XC60 was built with a mission to encourage smooth travel. From its light steering to its award-winning suspension systems, the car is fitting with Volvo’s brief of putting comfort above a sporty drive.

An office on wheels   

In the digitally-savvy age that we find ourselves in, professionals require a certain level of connectivity from their car, with the XC60 offering just that. Built with a Sensus infotainment system as standard; this feature is a key signifier of the interior, one that sets the XC60 aside from its German competitors.

It also gets added connectivity options such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, giving you the option to stream music through Spotify or use other entertainment and info apps, including weather reports.

You also have the option of selecting a car modem (Volvo on Call) with a Wi-Fi hotspot for a better Internet connection. This means that you do not need to connect your phone, but by inserting a personal SIM card in the Volvo On Call modem the car will connect itself to the Internet automatically. So, responding to emails, making conference calls and staying connected to the office has never been easier!

Executive styling  

The XC60 makes a strong visual statement, offering a cutting-edge image without the aggression of some of its competitors. With a variety of colours on offer, businesses are beginning to opt for colours that reflect their branding style. Whether a creative company wanting to stand out on the road, or a more corporate firm looking for a sleek, black stone finish, the Volvo team can work with you to create an exterior that suits you.

Enquire today   

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