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The Future of Work – and Wales – is ‘Now’


Written by Andrew Beaney, Box UK’s Managing Consultant

Specialising in coaching and consultancy, Agile Business Analysis and Product Ownership, team leadership and change management. Andrew has a track record of delivering technical advice and reducing business risk, working with a broad range of information systems and technologies for over 20 years.”

It could be argued that there’s never been a better time than ‘Now’ to transform Welsh organisations and Wales itself through technology. COVID19 has created a clean break with ‘the way things were’. If the past few months have shown anything, they’ve demonstrated the need for leadership and management that engages and empowers, working cultures that give employees a sense of purpose and wellbeing – and a commitment to upskilling and reskilling so that flexible working becomes a reality in every sense of the word.

So what do we need to do in Wales to maximise on this opportunity?

“The conversation – and actions – start now.”

As lockdown eases and the reactive changes of the past few months are assessed, we’ll be able to reflect on the processes and procedures that can drive the ‘new normal’ in our own organisations – and the areas that need serious capital investment to build a strong and sustainable future. Not all transformation is capital-dependent, but there needs to be a realistic appetite to make change – and a mature conversation on how that can be achieved.

That conversation couldn’t be more important or timely because it involves the future of Wales itself. Do we want to woo large corporate HQ’s from around the world? Or invest in SMEs who have already committed to Wales? Are we focused on creating a larger number of relatively lower paid jobs, or a smaller number of high-value roles? The answer will be a blended one, of course. But the debate needs to be had – and now – as Wales has the opportunity to create the type of SME economy that has served Germany for nearly two centuries and made California one of the largest economies in the world.

“Let’s give permission to our Foundation Builders”

We need to give permission to our Government to achieve long term. To look past the next few elections and build a legacy for the 21st century and beyond. To make Wales a fantastic destination for people with great skills to work and live. That’s a big conversation and it starts with a very big question: “What’s the definition of Success for our government and the Welsh business community?” Why not make it the role of our Government to create the conditions that future proof a highly-skilled, revenue-generating workforce?

“One Big Change in a Decade of Big Changes”

This is a decade of Big Change that we need to put our arms around and do the right thing by. Here and now, across Wales and around the world, people are calling for a fairer and more equitable society … better employment … a more responsible way of living in the face of climate change. Digital transformation is just one of the seismic shifts we need to embrace – and embrace it we must, right now, as it lies at the heart of our future. So let’s give ourselves every chance of success, through high-quality universal broadband and digital access that enfranchises everyone to be their best and make the most of the talent they have.

We’ve learnt a lot about ourselves here in Wales over the past few months. We know that we can make agile, evidence-based decisions that work. We know that we don’t have to travel and add to our carbon footprint to be productive or engaged. Let’s build on the COVID19 momentum. Let’s create the future, right now.


Established in 1998, Box UK’s track record of success spans hundreds of high-priority and mission-critical software projects, delivered over more than twenty years.

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With an enterprise pedigree and a passion for technology, Box UK offers an unrivalled depth and breadth of experience in the development of scalable and resilient software systems – managing these full-lifecycle projects right the way through from planning to post-launch platform management.

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