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Self-Funded Business Looks to Secure Future with Over £400,000 in Investment


Leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial doors and architectural products, Design and Supply, have invested over £400,000 in their business in 2018/19 as they meet the challenges of a changing market.

Founded over 30 years ago, the company began life as Toolmakers for the sheet metal sub-contract industry, making press tools for local manufacturers. One of their clients was a local door making company which later entered administration. Seeing an opportunity, the company expanded into making the doors they were originally making the tools to produce.

The investment in the company over the last year has been focused in new technology and new human resources to remain competitive in the constantly evolving demands for industrial doors.

Already the company has had to adapt to the greater security demands that are required due to the threat of terrorism. But they are also looking ahead to problems on the horizon such as industrial doors with greater flood and fire protection.

To meet these challenges the company will be investing more in its SolidWorks program. Which is a 3D modelling programme used to help design the doors Design and Supply produce. They will also be looking into creating a leaner manufacturing process by looking into ways in which semi-automation can help their business.

Perhaps crucially for the market place, they are also looking to invest in the user experience that both trade and end users enjoy by developing a quote, draw and ordering process that can be easily accessed regardless of location.

Speaking about the investment in the company and future plans Chris Weed, Director at Design and Supply commented:

“I think that investing in your business is vital for everyone, it is the link that ties future plans and prosperity together.

The investment we have made this year enables us to grow, sustain the edge on competitors and forge relationships with our customers and our supply chain alike.

I feel the Design and Supply’s mission statement why we are focused on investing in ourselves. It states, ‘We strive to satisfy our Clients’ needs by offering them the best solution for their project whilst sustaining the best working and lifestyle conditions for our employees.’”

If you would like to learn more about Design and Supply please visit their website.