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Recruitment Specialists Team up to Launch Joint Venture


One of the UK’s largest recruitment agencies, Smart Solutions Recruitment, has teamed up with leading recruiter Lewis Fawsitt in a Joint Venture to launch Sophic Associates.

Smart Solutions Recruitment – which recently opened a new central office in Coryton as part of their rebranding and launch their joint venture partnership strategy have teamed up with Lewis Fawsitt in the launch of their permanent specialist recruitment company, Sophic Associates.

Sophic Associates will provide bespoke global solutions for businesses recruiting permanent roles and facing current recruitment challenges.

Sophic MD and co-founder Mr Fawsitt benefits from 25 years of cross-sector experience within recruitment and his most recent roles were Corporate Sales Director at Acorn Recruitment and Head of Acorn Global.

He has extensive expertise within Recruitment Services as well as in advisory roles and says:

“There is a lot of transactional recruitment on the market. Our aim is to offer a solution that goes beyond just a transactional relationship. Utilising technology is crucial, but so is maintaining the human element of delivering a service, both domestically and internationally. At Sophic Associates, we are very familiar with moving people across borders, as part of our international offering.”

Mr Fawsitt’s clients have included General Dynamics, Codan Communications, Perkin Elmer, Valeo foods group, mineral resources, NHS, Australian Submarine corporation, DWP, Downer Mining Corporation, BIS Industries, Minelab, TATA and the House of Commons, Transport for Wales and Welsh Government amongst others.

He said: 

“The recruitment sector is facing many critical challenges at the moment. A combination of Brexit, IR35 and the pandemic have all come together to disrupt the normal order of things.

“We are focussing on a hybrid approach – we will contribute to helping to fix the problem of the current recruitment crisis now, but we also need to future-proof.”

Rob Webb, CEO of Smart Solutions, added:

“This latest launch is a key development in our strategic growth plans.

“Diversification into specialist sectors is crucial to Smart’s continued drive for expansion and launching Sophic Associates demonstrates our commitment to innovation and the evolution of our brands. Recruitment is a hugely competitive market – never more so than now – and we are continually aware of how the need to differentiate from other offerings.

“Sophic Associates offers a real added value to our new and existing clients. We are excited to be adding to our extended services.”

Sophic Associates will provide whole of market recruitment solutions including executive search, international recruitment, talent acquisition strategy, recruitment process outsourcing, specialist contractors, contingent labour solutions and rapid response recruitment solutions. This will complement the group’s existing range of services.

Mr Fawsitt has sat on several industry advisory organisations and says: 

“Recruitment is a congested market. There has been a dramatic change in work patterns and in some cases, priorities.

“This is coupled with the increased demand for skills. More people are working remotely, meaning their access to opportunities is potentially wider and a lot of employees are passive and not actively seeking new opportunities.

“With our approach, we are able to reach more of these potential candidates and provide them with a choice of employers and roles. Having a solid recruitment partner has never been more important to businesses, in order that they can access this pool. We have hit the ground running, addressing the main issue at the moment which is availability of talent from entry level through to senior positions.”