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Pronto Vehicle Rentals Uses New Technology to Save Customers Money  


When hiring a vehicle of any kind, the thought of having a bump or scratching the bodywork is quite daunting, having read some horror stories online about individuals being charged unearthly amounts to rectify such issues, when they were not event at fault. However, one Caerphilly-based firm, Pronto Hire, are doing all they can to save customers money, working hard to offer competitive rates to both personal and business clients.

Investing in new technology to do so, Pronto are fast-becoming Wales' light commercial van hire company of choice. Naunton Dickins, Managing Director of the company, feels that through the use of technology, vehicle rental companies can keep a handle on a vehicle's state, able to vet each vehicle as it leaves and returns to the forecourt.

“We have now fitted many of our vans, cars and motorhomes with dashboard cameras to protect both the business and the customer, they prove to be a saving grace in the event of a bump” he says.

We also have high definition CCTV cameras that capture all angles of vehicles departing and arriving that can be referred to.

While CCTV is not a new invention, the company are also sewing security measures of this kind through their day-to-day practices as the business, using hand-held tablets to take digital photos of all existing damage when checking out vehicles. Walking every customer around the vehicle and showing how every bit of existing damage has already been captured, customers drive away with a sense of confidence, knowing that they are in the hands of an honest company.

In addition to physical hardware, Pronto have also invested in a state-of-the-art website; one that allows customers to search, compare and make enquires about various types of vehicles rental services. From delving deeper into the benefits of products such as ‘flexi hire', to offering support with regards to insurance, the Pronto website has now evolved into the home of car and van rentals.

For more details on how they can support your business' transport needs, contact them today.