Welcome to Wales 4.0:
Future of Work in Wales (Part 2)


To mark the launch of the Review of Digital Innovation for the Economy and the Future of Work in Wales, we have launched a podcast series in which we will be speaking to leading digital experts on the challenges and opportunities that advancements in technology can bring.

The Digital Innovation Review was commissioned by the Welsh Government to explore how the rapid advances in digital innovation are likely to impact the economy and future of work in Wales.

Part 2: Welcome to Wales 4.0 (28 Mins)

This podcast explores what a new, digital narrative could look like for Wales, and how we can do things differently in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But how do co-operative and social business models fit within this new narrative?

We will discuss the key themes and wide range of policy recommendations identified by the report with the Chair of the Review, Professor Phillip Brown from Cardiff University. Also featured within the podcast are Tegid Roberts and Marsha Ward, members of the expert panel; a group of influential business leaders, academics, practitioners and entrepreneurs in digital innovation who have provided ongoing consultation on the review.

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