PODCAST – Producing PPE and Getting it Right


Life Sciences Hub Wales aims to drive transformational systematic change within the health and care sectors to create a better future for the people of Wales.

We know that health and economic wellbeing go hand-in-hand. Our role is to inspire innovation and collaboration between industry, health and social care, and research organisations to make a positive difference to people and families across the nation

We are a catalyst for change. We work with NHS Wales to understand issues and identify how innovation can help deliver better care. We support businesses to create health and care solutions.

We create connections. We enable people and organisations to work with us in partnership and create networking and matchmaking opportunities for innovators.

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What next?

Life Sciences Hub Wales are working with industry on behalf of the Welsh Government to collate all offers of support to health and social care in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Further guidance on producing PPE for NHS Wales is available. We also have a range of frequently asked questions about the process for addressing the immediate needs of NHS Wales.