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New Recipes to Tempt Welsh Lamb Fans in Scandinavia


Consumers in Sweden have been delighted with a new range of PGI Welsh Lamb recipes exclusively created by native leading food bloggers.

Swedish influencers Victoria Riis and Kardenmumma Gumman have preached the virtues of PGI Welsh Lamb, including how it is reared on pastureland, to their thousands of followers and readers as well as sharing exclusive recipes showcasing PGI Welsh Lamb cuts.

Welsh LambVictoria Riis explained to her readers:

‘Lamb from Wales is widely known around the world for its quality. The environment in which the sheep are raised plays a major role in the juicy tender meat. The lambs live on lush green hills and valleys in a climate with unspoiled nature, green grass and fresh spring water.’

Meanwhile, the Kardenmumma Gumman blog noted

‘We have never before tasted such tender lamb’.

The recipes created included: Herb-fried Welsh Lamb racks with mashed potatoes and caramelized Madeira; Pepper-fried Welsh Lamb tenderloin in mulled wine sauce with wintry Caesar salad and Sourdough toast with Welsh Lamb, cabbage salad and saffron aioli.

HCC’s Export Market Development Executive, Deanna Jones, commented

‘Scandinavia is a key potential growth market for PGI Welsh Lamb exports and we are working with bloggers and influencers to raise awareness of our product directly with our consumers.’

‘These influential bloggers have thousands of followers and allow us to connect with consumers digitally. The recipes they have created make the most of Scandinavian trends and styles. ensuring that the PGI Welsh Lamb dishes will appeal to local consumers.’

‘As well as this recipe series, we are also working with television chefs and running other influencer marketing activities to continue to raise the profile of PGI Welsh Lamb in Scandinavia.’