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New Infrastructure Installed at Milford Waterfront to Improve the Visitor Experience

Gosod Isadeiledd Newydd yn Aberdaugleddau i Wella Profiad Ymwelwyr



New safety and environmental works have been completed at Milford Waterfront aimed at improving the visitor experience and reducing anti-social behaviour.

The Port of Milford Haven successfully applied to the Welsh Government’s Small Scale Coastal Infrastructure Fund for 431 metres of new railings in the area around the lock gates and along to Hakin Point, as well as a 1,000-litre port bin to be placed within the marina.

Now installed, the railings make it safer for people to walk around Milford Waterfront, especially families with young children and those using disability aids. They will also help to deter people from undertaking the extremely dangerous activity of tombstoning and fishing in the lock pit – both criminal activities under the Port’s byelaws.

Matt Lilley, Estates and Facilities Manager, with the new railings installed around Milford Waterfront and Hakin Point

The 1,000-litre port bin assists with the removal of marine litter which in turn reduces the amount of waste entering the Milford Haven Waterway which could potentially endanger wildlife. The new facility is improving efficiency levels for the team at Milford Waterfront as manual litter picking has decreased from twice a day to twice a week, freeing up their time to focus on providing excellent marina and visitor services.

Matt Lilley, Estates and Facilities Manager, is pleased with the new installations. He said,

“The new railings are a great asset for the area as they enable all our residents, berth holders and visitors to enjoy their surroundings with the added reassurance of a physical barrier between them and the water. We hope they will also be a strong deterrent for those who persist in tombstoning, something which we spend a lot of time educating young people about as it is so very dangerous in such a busy port.”

He added,

“The port bin is an excellent resource to manage floating litter and will improve the appearance of the water but also the quality of the marine environment here.”

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