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28 September 2023

Mid-Wales Regional Skills Partnership Seeks Business Insights to Shape the Future

Emma Thomas, Chair of the Regional Skills Partnership (RSP) at Growing Mid Wales, recently discussed the vital importance of businesses' input in addressing the region's skill-related challenges. The Mid-Wales RSP, dedicated to enhancing the skills landscape, is actively seeking insights from businesses through a five-minute survey.

The survey focuses primarily on the recruitment challenges faced by businesses, both in the present and the foreseeable future. Emma Thomas emphasised that the data gathered from this initiative will play a pivotal role in informing and influencing policy changes. The RSP aims to collaborate closely with the Welsh Government, ensuring that the skills provision aligns with the needs of the local economy and its workforce.

By encouraging honesty and participation from businesses, the RSP aspires to be a powerful advocate, representing their interests effectively.

The survey, available until October 27th, invites businesses to be part of this essential conversation that could drive investment and promote growth in the region.

Contributions from businesses are greatly appreciated as they collectively shape the future of Mid-Wales' skills landscape.


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