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Manufacturing and Design Boost on the Horizon for Wales


Increased confidence and growing demand for new products has resulted in several new enquiries and more jobs at Wales-based software and electronics company, Blackwood Embedded Solutions.

The company, which designs software and hardware used in a range of high-tech products across the medical, retail and security industries in Caerphilly, created two new jobs in the last few months with further job creation expected as demand for its services continues to grow.

Managing Director, Anthony Giles, explains:

“There are a number of new ideas flying around at the moment which is great to see after what can only be described as a rather subdued 2016 and early 2017 following the Brexit vote.

“However there seems to be a more positive outlook from customers at the moment in response to fears of a hard-stop Brexit. This appears to be a good insurance policy against costly levies on legacy products by designing new and innovative single sourced products.”

Commenting on the new jobs, Mr Giles added:

“It is encouraging to see that the demand for highly skilled software and design engineers has not diminished and we will be looking to create more jobs as our order book strengthens in 2018.”

Blackwood Embedded Solutions regularly collaborates with medical devices manufacturers to achieve significant cost savings and bring products to market as quickly as possible.

The company will be travelling to Arab Health as part of a Welsh Government initiative and Mr Giles will be looking to meet with several organisations where the company’s skills could be used to advantage.

Arab Health takes place in from January 29th until February 1st in Dubai and is the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The trade visit follows further investment in the Caerphilly business, especially in new equipment including a 3D printer and desktop circuit printer used in prototyping and product development.

Mr Giles added:

“Now that the groundwork is done, Blackwood Embedded Solutions can focus on doing what it does best, adding value and helping organisations design and develop great products that are not just quality certified and assured, but are used to improve lives.”