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HSBC Starts Global Roll-Out of Virtual Platform for Business Borrowers


HSBC announced that its virtual platform, LinkScreen, is now available to business customers in Mexico and the USA. LinkScreen enables HSBC to provide business customers with all the key elements of a traditional face-to-face meeting from the comfort of their office.

The customised LinkScreen platform, developed with customer experience technology provider Vizolution, gives customers the ability to share, download, electronically sign[1] and send documents through a secure, shared-screen digital platform. Customers are able to speak to their banking representative at the same time in order to review or complete an application.

LinkScreen significantly reduces the amount of time it takes for customers to complete trade finance, receivables finance and business loan applications. In some instances, customers can now complete an entire application and gain access to funds the next business day. Use of the technology by customers in the UK has seen average application times halved.

Richard Davies, Global Head of Propositions, HSBC Commercial Banking said;

“LinkScreen offers business customers unrivalled flexibility to connect with their bank anytime, anywhere. Enabling customers to meet with their banking representative virtually, rather than visiting a branch, provides a huge time saving.

“Feedback from customers in the UK has been remarkable, with average customer satisfaction scores of around 90 per cent. We are particularly excited to launch the solution in Mexico and the USA where customers can be spread across a large geographic area. HSBC will launch the platform in France, Canada and Hong Kong by the end of September.”

LinkScreen is a completely new experience for HSBC business customers who previously had to rely on traditional paper based processes, with documents and contracts being sent through the post and having to visit a branch to sign paperwork or verify their credentials.

Bill Safran, CEO, Vizolution said;

“LinkScreen is a simple, effective innovation that provides HSBC customers with a better, faster, easy to use, compliant service. The platform enables customers to complete their journey remotely from any internet-enabled device, without the need to download any proprietary software or applications. Business customers can now enjoy streamlined customer journeys that are faster and more convenient.”

In addition to cutting processing times, time spent on travelling between meeting and extensive paperwork, LinkScreen provides a full exportable audit trail, giving customers complete transparency and peace of mind.