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Hioim Launches New Courses in Wales


Innovative & forward thinking education provider ‘hioim’ announced its latest set of courses to date. This significant change has been brought forward to promote financial education to school teachers, ensuring our children are taught finance and money to the very highest standards and from the earliest age.

As the latest entrant to this market, the revolutionary new approach to take the best financial experts, from hedge fund managers to economists to create compelling and up to date content that provides country-leading excellence in the field of financial education.

Founded in 2017, The Horizon Institute of Investment Management is quickly establishing itself as the market leader of bespoke and start-to-finish solutions for financial education. This accredited, tailored and exclusive set of courses acts as a quasi-apprenticeship in finance and money management and allows successful candidates to teach industry-leading content to our kids.

Karl Ahlstedt commented:

“Finance was my strong suit and I’ve built up considerable industry experience in working in asset management, commodities, and futures trading. During this time, I saw time and time again where our country and our government has failed to provide the financial education our next generation so desperately needs at primary and secondary schools nationwide.

Karl continued:

“Wales remains lagging behind England on delivering financial education at schools, and the successful debut of our events around the country prove there is a market for a high quality, no non-sense approach to training teachers to deliver practical financial education.