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Five Ways a Charity Partnership Can Benefit Your Business


Consumers are now more socially aware than ever and the explosion of ethical living and shopping into mainstream media means that businesses are having to work even harder now to ensure that their corporate social responsibility commitments strengthen relationships across all stakeholders, prospective and current customers/clients and staff.

At Mind, we partner with organisations across a number of sectors, from major high street brands Paperchase, ODEON and Wagamama, to insurers Direct Line, banks including HSBC and First Direct, the construction sector and law firms, right through to local businesses who choose to support us like Dafydd Hardy Estate Agents in Caernarfon.

We strive to build mutually beneficial partnerships whose benefits stretch farther than the vital financial donations, with partners also sharing their skills and resources. Our partners often take the opportunity, while in partnership with Mind, to look inward and use the expertise that they have access to through their partnership to improve their own workplace wellbeing offering, upskilling staff through training and making a commitment to continued investment in mental health and wellbeing.

Charity Partnerships - MindHere are some of the ways a charity partnership could help your business:

1- Greater staff engagement and retention:

Getting the whole staff team behind one cause can work wonders for staff engagement levels. When everyone is united behind a common goal to fundraise for one of their favourite causes, it gives people the chance to feel like they are creating a social impact and that their work is about more than just taking home a salary at the end of the month. In addition, staff often get to vote on which charity they want to support, meaning that there is an opportunity for them to select which causes mean the most to them so they feel more connected.

A partnership with a charity like Mind offers your business the opportunity to get staff involved in loads of great challenge events, like the guys at Penguin Random House who skydived 10,000 feet out of a plane, dressed as penguins. If you fancy something a little bit more relaxed, an afternoon crafting or simply sharing tea and cake can help bring people together and raise vital funds.

2- Bringing new customers or clients on-board

Getting your customers involved in your partnership activities helps build brand affinity. It shows them that the things that are important to you, like mental health, are the same things that are important to them. It demonstrates that the business has a compassionate side and is ready and willing to take responsibility to make sure that customers with mental health issues are treated fairly and with respect.

It’s an opportunity to show off dedication to your cause and keeps things looking fresh and interesting for your regular customers. Wagamama decided to bring mental health into their restaurants by transforming their menus into a mindful colouring activity.

3- Reach brand-new audiences

A charity partnership can help you reach brand new audiences.  For example, many of our corporate partners choose to sponsor a category at our iconic Mind Media Awards. The Mind Media Awards is an annual event which recognises and celebrates the best representation of mental health across TV, radio, print and online. Our research shows that the public believe the media has as much responsibility when it comes to shaping attitudes towards mental health as politicians do. By sponsoring an award category you’re showing that you recognise the power the media has and are committed to making it the best it can be. The event always attracts huge interest and significant media coverage and we have a range of sponsorship packages available so you can pick which one works for you.

4- Collaborate on a product line

The area of cause-related marketing has never been more exciting! By partnering with a charity you can help design a brand-new product which has a social aim, alongside securing more sales for your business. For example, we worked with the wonderful Amy Steele at Funky Pigeon, as part of our partnership with WH Smith, who used her own experience of postnatal depression and anxiety to design a range of uplifting mental health cards for the ‘Believe in Happy’ range. We also worked on a Happy bag, full of handpicked projects designed to promote mental wellbeing and relaxation. But it doesn’t have to involve the creation of something totally new, we are currently working in partnership with Temple Spa on one of their bestselling night creams as part of our activity for World Mental Health Day.

5- Long-lasting impact for your business

A charity partnership with Mind extends far beyond any fundraising targets; we want to help you cultivate a mentally-healthier workforce over the long-term. We can help create a culture shift in the way your organisation views mental health, and our Workplace Wellbeing team are there to discuss how to make this happen and support you every step of the way, so that your partnership leaves a legacy. If you want to find out more about how our team can help you, visit our website.

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