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Eisteddfod Maes is Home Turf for Menter a Busnes

Maes yr Eisteddfod yn Gartref i Menter a Busnes



With its roots firmly in the county, the Ceredigion National Eisteddfod (July 30 – August 6) will be a homecoming for Menter a Busnes.

Founded over 30 years ago in Aberystwyth, Menter a Busnes is a leading independent economic development company specialising in tailored support for new and growing businesses throughout Wales and beyond.

From its head office in Aberystwyth – and offices throughout Wales – Menter a Busnes has enjoyed success in bringing employment and nurturing economic opportunities in rural communities – in particular, operating in agriculture, skills development, and food and drink.

As such, the company manages several projects on behalf of the Welsh Government, including Cywain, and elements of Farming Connect. These successful projects will be among an array of initiatives* facilitated by Menter a Busnes that will be showcased at the company’s stand (317-320) at the National Eisteddfod.

Throughout the week, there will be daily activities on the stand for adults and children. Included will be food and drink tasting and pairing sessions led by Cywain, and a ‘Guess the Grain’ session by Farming Connect. While Menter a Busnes will continue its charity fundraising efforts for its charities of the year, The DPJ Foundation and Tir Dewi.

In addition, several projects under the Menter a Busnes ‘umbrella’ – such as Cywain – will co-ordinate activities on the Maes in Tregaron, including the Welsh food and drink offering at the Eisteddfod restaurant, Platiad.

At the heart of Menter a Busines is its commitment to the Welsh language, and the not-for-profit company is renowned for championing the use of Welsh in business.

To coincide with the presentation of the National Eisteddfod’s Welsh Learner of the Year award, the Menter a Business stand will host a reception focussing on the drive to increase the use of Welsh.

Earlier this year, the National Centre for Learning Welsh and Menter a Busnes joined forces to launch a free online course for Welsh learners in the agricultural sector, with content built around agricultural themes.

The partnership stemmed from a recommendation in the ‘Iaith y Pridd’ report, conducted in 2020 by Farming Connect. The report considered how the Welsh-speaking agri-community could contribute to the goal of one million Welsh speakers by 2050.

The report identified a desire to learn Welsh among non-Welsh-speaking farmers and workers in the supply and agricultural services sector who could see the practical benefits of being able to speak Welsh.

Dona Lewis, Deputy Chief Executive of  the National Centre for Learning Welsh, said,

It was a pleasure to work with Menter a Busnes on this short online course, which was designed specifically for the agriculture sector in response to the identified need for training to introduce Welsh to workers within the sector.

These types of courses, due to their flexibility allowing people to complete them at their leisure, are popular, and I would like to congratulate everyone who has completed the course so far.

Alun Jones, Chief Executive of Menter a Busnes, said,

We are very much looking forward to the National Eisteddfod in Tregaron. Ceredigion has always been the ‘spiritual home’ of Menter a Busnes, and so many of our team have strong personal ties with the area too.

We welcome the opportunity to show people what we do as a company and the ways in which our various projects and services help enterprises throughout Wales. Some 95% of Menter a Busnes staff are bilingual, so we are also very keen to demonstrate the benefits of catering to Welsh speakers’ needs.